Invisalign and Orthodontics Pricing

Invisalign and Orthodontics Pricing

Metal Braces
Ceramic Braces

Pricing of Orthodontic Products

The cost for simple orthodontic solutions to provide you with a glorious smile starts from just £2250.00 for simple corrections. You will however need a bespoke quote for more complex straightening treatments. Why not speak to one of our Treatment Coordinators today for a free consultation today and realise that dream smile that you always wanted.

  • Treatment
  • Price
  • Invisalign Full Upper and Lower
  • from £4000.00
  • Full upper and lower metal fixed brace
  • from £3850.00
  • Full upper and lower ceramic fixed brace
  • from £4500.00
  • Full upper and lower lingual (inside) brace
  • from £6000.00

Frequently asked questions:

Please don’t worry. You can receive a free of charge consultation with our Treatment Coordinator who will have a transparent discussion with you about costs and finance options so you will be fully informed. You can also see the practice and feel our professional approach by yourself before you fully commit to undertaking treatment with us.

All our costs are inclusive, and there will be no additional costs as long as your treatment plan does not change.

Invisalign is a fantastic brace system that can straighten most bites. Some bites are very complicated however, and Invisalign may struggle to achieve the usual excellent result.

If you are still looking for an invisible brace system, you have three options :

Option 1 : Forego Invisalign and use a fixed brace. Fixed braces are available as metal braces and ceramic braces

Option 2 :Use Invisalign to do the majority of the work, and then accept a shorter period of time with a fixed brace

Option 3 : Forego Invisalign and go for a lingual brace. This is a fixed brace which is placed on the inside of your teeth and this is not visible. This option is advanced and is undertaken by our Orthodontic lead clinician.

Our Treatment Co-ordinator can give you informal advice about the above plans however it will be necessary to have a consultation and costing form our lead orthodontic clinician.

Invisalign involves lab fees from Invisalign and so this system is typically not the most economical form of treatment.

Costs of fixed braces systems can be cheaper :

  1. Simple treatment with a metal fixed brace for up to 6 months = £1500.00
  2. Simple treatment with a metal fixed brace for up to 12 months = £2850.00
  3. Comprehensive treatment with a metal fixed brace  for the upper and lower jaws over 1-2 years = £3850.00

For ceramic brace systems, the costs are typically £650.00 greater than the above costs.