Fee Guide

For more information on our fees please call the practice on 01763 244298.

TreatmentPrice (from)Notes
Examination Services
New Patient Exam£98
Routine Exam£75
Child New Exam£38
Child aged 0-8£22
Child aged 8-16£27
Emergency (+ cost of treatment)£130For temporary fix/Antibiotics
Small Radiograph£16
Hygiene Services
Direct Access Hygiene£149
Stain Removal£270
Amalgam Restoration
Small Amalgam Filling£162
Medium Amalgam Filling£189
Large Amalgam Filling£216
Composite Restoration
Small Composite Filling£189
Medium Composite Filling£243
Large Composite Filling£297
GIC Fillings£135
Fissure Sealant£76per Tooth
Porcelain Bonded Crown£923
Porcelain Emax Crown£1,134
Gold Crown£1,134
Bridge (per unit)
Porcelain Bonded£918
Porcelain Emax£1,134
Dentures (Full/Full)£2,138
Upper or Lower only£1,069
Partial Acrylic£772
Parital Chrome£2,614per arch
Addition or Repair£238
Root Canal
Root Canal Anterior£405
Root Canal Posterior£799
Simple Extraction£178
Medium Complex Extraction£270
Surgical Extraction£405
Tooth Whitening
Enlighten Home£594
Enlighten Home & Office£772
Orthodontic Prices - Louisa
1 hour Consultation£157
Fixed Ceramic Braces Single Arch£3,888
Fixed Ceramic Braces Double Arch£4,860
Composite Bonding - Small£162
Composite Bonding - Large£297
Charlie & Taneem
Invisalign Go Clincheck£324
Invisalign Go Aligners£3,667
Invisalign Lite Clincheck£324
Invisalign Lite Aligners£3,667
Invisalign Full Clincheck£324
Invisalign Full Aligners£4,536
Vivera retainers£702
Essex retainers£178
Specialist Endodontics
RCT Incisor to Canine£795
RCT Premolar£920
RCT Molar£1,100
Retreat additional cost£100
CT Scan£180
Implant per fixture£1,650
Implant Crown per unit£1,210
Bone Augmentation per site from£600
Sinus Lift per sextant£2,000
Block Graft from£1,900
Mouth Guard£200
Sports Gum Shield£200
Study Models£75
Articulated Models£297
Diagnostic Wax Up£270per arch

At Market Hill Dentistry, we have several payment options to suit your budget and preferred method of paying for your dentistry. Please click through the various sections below :

Our NHS appointments are at relative capacity. We are therefore only accepting spouses of existing patients and children under the age of 18 under  NHS arrangements.

“Platinum Dental Care” provides an affordable private dentistry service. The fee guide is found below.

Denplan Essentials and Denplan Care.

These are practice payment plans that  enables  patients to spread some of the costs of dentistry. For many patients,  Denplan Essentials is the most popular and economical Denplan payment structure to ensure that you are seen frequently for preventive dentistry. This option covers preventive and hygiene care and discounts the cost of all routine dentistry. For more information click :  Denplan Essentials monthly fees.

If you prefer a fixed payment structure that is based on your clinical needs, then the alternative option of Denplan Care can be provided.

For more detailed  information on how both denplan options work, please do click the following link :   Denplan Options.

Some treatments are referred to dentists with advanced training and additional skills. We call dentists with these skills an advanced care provider. Some of these dentists are nationally accredited specialists in their field.

The fee guide for our Advanced Care Service can be found by clicking here :  Advanced Care Service.

Chrysalis Finance. For more costly treatments we offer treatment funding by means of Chrysalis Finance, which is interest free (0% APR)  if settled within 12 months. For more information please click :  <Chrysalis Finance>.