Anti-snoring and Sleep Apnoea Devices

Anti-snoring and Sleep Apnoea Devices


Have you been told that you snore or cease breathing during the night ? Do you suffer from day time sleepiness ? Do you struggle to have a refreshing nights’ sleep ? Do you awake your bedtime partner due to snoring….?

……you may suffer from snoring or sleep apnoea.

Snoring and sleep apnoea conditions may be distressing for you and your partner and has been put down to marital breakdown, fractious personality due to profound sleep deprivation, and general ill-health from depression to heart disease.

Whereas many people will have to visit their doctor and seek a referral to a specialist respiratory support and sleep centre (RSSC), many individuals with snoring, and/or mild apnoea can be successfully treated by a mandibular advancement device (MAD), made by your dentist. This is a device that holds your jaw forwards and opens up the airway to let you breathe.


Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians are trained in the identification of snoring and sleep apnoea conditions. Antwerp Dentistry Clinicians generally prefer use of the Somnowell mandibular advancement device (MAD)  for snoring and mild sleep apnoea conditions.  To make an appointment  you will need to liaise with one of our Treatment Co-ordinators, who can either see you for a no obligation free consultation to show you a Somnowell appliance, or arrange an initial screening visit with Dr.Raj Wadhwani.

Phone today, and ask to speak to one of our treatment co-ordinators, or else please click here to fill out one of our forms, and a Treatment Coordinator will make contact to discuss your needs.



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