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Soft Tissue and Facial Examination

soft tissue and facial examination market hill dentistry

As part of our routine and advanced assessments a thorough soft tissue check is carried out. The soft tissues can reveal several matters of health importance :

– within the mouth fibrous cheek lines tell us that you may be grinding your teeth. Grinding can be very destructive and result in complete unsalvageable breakdown of teeth which are heavily filled

– inflamed or bleeding gums indicate that you have gum disease. Apart from loss of teeth, gum disease is associated with medical disease such as diabetes, heart disease, and adverse pregnancy outcomes

– abnormal colour appearances, or swellings may be indicative of a cancer

Our philosophy is one of prevention. If we are suspicious of any soft tissue lesion, we refer for immediate biopsy and assessment.

Apart from the intra-oral tissues, we also examine the tissues of the face for loss of elastic fibres. Where appropriate we support the use of fillers and wrinkle reducing injections to retain the appearance of healthy vital facial tissue. We have a bespoke cosmetic practice which focuses on facial aesthetics, by use of injectable products to pump tissues, reduce wrinkles. We also use technology products including radio frequency and lasers to reduce skin blemishes and restore youthful facial appearance. Please click here for more information on Antwerp Aesthetics.


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