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Dental Implants

What are implants?

dental implant 3DImplants are the most effective way of replacing missing teeth. Whereas the upfront costs for dental implants are significant, they are actually the most cost effective way to restore missing teeth over the long term. A post is planted in the jaw bone to support a replacement tooth. This acts like the root of a natural tooth. Implants can also be used to support fixed bridges or dentures. Occasionally a full jaw reconstruction is completed on dental implants. Dr. Raj Wadhwani, wrote his Dental Implant Master’s thesis on the techniques  of full mouth reconstruction.

However, are implants  right for you ?

Please do contact us to arrange an implant consultation and discussion and we will let you know the various  possibilities and if dental implant treatment is the correct choice for you.. Our team will be only too happy to help you with any questions you may have. If you wish to have a free consultation with one of our Treatment Coordinators before having a full implant assessment, please do mention this when phoning.

    When they  are placed :

Implants usually have two sections – the post in the jaw and an extension that is added later when the post is secure. Attaching the extension needs a small cut in the gum above the implant. You might have more than one implant. The replacement teeth might be fixed permanently (like a crown or bridge) or attached in a way which lets you remove them for cleaning (like a denture).

Please visit our dedicated Dental Implant site to help you understand the Dental Implant option – www.AntwerpImplantDentistry.co.uk

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