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Gum Disease – no more loose teeth !
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Cambridge Dentistry Awards

Market Hill Dentistry, an exclusively Private Dental Practice is linked to our Royston Aesthetics clinic which is a bespoke private cosmetic practice, based on our Aesthetix brand. We are highly qualified dental surgeons who provide quality private dentistry and cosmetic facial and body aesthetics related services. All our surgeons have advanced qualifications and provide dentistry at the highest level.

Dentistry Services

We provide all routine dental care including fillings and  gum treatments with our hygienist. We also operate an emergency dental service. 

Our clinic provides cosmetic fillings, advanced gum treatments, cosmetic braces, and dental implants. Market Hill Dentistry is linked with Royston Aesthetics, our cosmetic beauty clinic which provides technology assisted cosmetic treatments of the body to enhance appearance, well-being and self esteem.

Specialist Services – advanced gum and root canal treatments  by specialists

We believe that the mouth is the mirror of the body and are concerned about emerging evidence about the link between  gum disease, and heart disease, diabetes, and pre-term infants in pregnant mothers,  so feel that it is vital that gum conditions are throughly treated by our  specialist periodontist, Monica. For complex root canal work, this is best treated by our root canal specialist Shashi.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Within dentistry services, our team focus on providing cosmetic treatment options to improve self esteem and well being. As part of this service, we provide :

Invisible Orthodontics

We understand that it is important to undertake cosmetic care discretely where possible. With this in mind we provide many “invisible” orthodontic options namely :

Facial Aesthetics, including wrinkle smoothing injections & anti-ageing services

We offer a full range of wrinkle smoothing injections, including dermal fillers, and other technology based products such as laser and radio frequency  to help delicately and discreetly  reduce the signs of ageing and turn back the clock. 

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are offered by our Clinical Director, Dr.Raj Wadhwani who has been providing this service for the last 15 years, and routinely provides single teeth reconstruction to full mouth reconstruction.

Treatment Coordinator Service

With the vast variety of options available, it may be difficult to understand the best options for you. For this reason, we offer the complementary service of an advanced care dental nurse who can arrange an “options” meeting with you to show pictures of treatments undertaken, and cost options to help you with your choices.

Please browse our site, and review our mouth, face and body transformation programme, under our cosmetic brand Aesthetix, which is a combination of cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics, weight loss, and image restyling to help you feel a million dollars again.

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